Are you looking for a professional painting company for your interior or exterior painting or perhaps both? Then you have come to the right place. Full of passion and knowledge, we maintain special and old private (monumental) homes, new construction, but also public offices and (monumental) buildings such as churches, shops and schools. We have now built up an extensive portfolio and regularly receive further training in order to maintain and beautify your property with the latest materials and up-to-date knowledge. We never think in terms of problems, but in solutions and naturally take your wishes and requirements into account. Together we always achieve a great end result that you will enjoy for years to come.


Maintaining a property costs money, we cannot change this. However, we can think along in keeping these costs manageable and transparent. Inquire about a 'multi-year project'. We draw up a maintenance plan in which your property is maintained properly and professionally, spread over several years. We keep control and you no longer have to worry about maintenance.

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Tel: +31 6 52386475
Zwanenburg, The Neterlands, Weerenweg 2, 1161 AH


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    +31 6 52386475


    Zwanenburg, The Netherlands, Weerenweg 2, 1161 AH

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